3×02 I Am A Tree

Emily & Becca discuss and analyze season three episode two of Grey’s Anatomy (I Am A Tree). Izzie continues to work through her grief by baking a thousand muffins, Cristina has the world’s most awkward coffee date with Burke’s mama and George gets jealous over a Meredith-sized pair of panties that he thinks that Callie can fit into for some reason. Oh, and enjoy as Meredith pits two men against either other like she’s the kingpin of a dogfighting ring.

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3×01 Time Has Come Today

After a short hiatus, Emily & Becca are back to talk about season three, episode one of Grey’s Anatomy (Time Has Come Today). This season marks the height of Grey’s Anatomy’s influence on American pop-culture and they can’t wait to analyze why. Emily & Becca also discuss why this episode was affective at “restarting” Grey’s mania and point out the beginnings of many important character arcs for this season. Izzie spends the whole episode in a uncomfortable-looking position on the bathroom floor, Meredith has her hands full manipulating two men for her affections, Derek seemingly doesn’t give a shit that he just cheated on his wife, George might love Callie “soon-ish,” but probably not, and, in between super intense flashbacks, Addison starts seeing Alex in a new light.

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Podcast Special! – Season Two Overview

Emily & Becca return to season two one last time before jumping into season three. In this special episode, they go over season two of Grey’s Anatomy as a whole with a particular focus on the evolution of the characters and where they’re going in the future. Listen as they go through some amazing “top 10” and “top 5” lists where they go over everything from music, speeches, patients, and even their favorite “Callie Tallie” moments. Also, they will be answering some listener questions for the first time on the podcast. Bonus at the end: Emily & Becca go over the best moments of the season two DVD extras including behind the scene interviews, set tours, and deleted scenes.

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2×27 Losing My Religion

The prophecy finally comes to pass as Emily & Becca podcast about the season two finale of Grey’s Anatomy: episode twenty-seven (Losing My Religion). This episode is the holy grail for Grey’s Anatomy purists. Listen as Emily & Becca completely fangirl about everything in this episode. The Denny storyline comes to a thrilling conclusion, the Meredith & Derek storyline finally comes to a head, there are utterly brilliant monologues for each of the five interns providing full-circle moments for the whole season, and there’s a prom in the hospital! How much more could you ask for? Oh, and don’t miss the five-minute conversation where Emily & Becca debate which Breakfast Club character matches which intern.

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2×26 Deterioration Of The Fight Or Flight Response

This episode, Emily & Becca are back to tackle part one of the two-part season two finale of Grey’s Anatomy: episode twenty-six (Deterioration Of The Fight Or Flight Response). This episode puts human nature to the test as Izzie goes completely rogue and the other interns have to decide whether they want to help her or not. In addition, there is a satisfying, full-circle bromance forming between Derek and Burke and George and Meredith finally make up!

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2×25 17 Seconds

Join Emily & Becca as they talk about season two, episode twenty-five of Grey’s Anatomy (17 Seconds). This penultimate episode is packed to the rim with outstanding performances, brilliant writing, and show-stopping drama that only Grey’s Anatomy can pull off. Emily & Becca talk about George’s refreshing character growth, the explosion between Addison & Derek, the introduction of new character, Erica Hahn (Brooke Smith), and, of course, the unbelievable, heart-stopping cliffhanger!

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2×24 Damage Case

In this installment of the podcast, Emily & Becca talk about season two, episode twenty-four of Grey’s Anatomy (Damage Case). They flat out adore this episode. The phenomenal parallels and metaphors, coupled with outstanding acting, makes this episode one of the best in all of Grey’s Anatomy. Meanwhile, things are heating up between Meredith and Dr. Finn Dandruff, Izzie sees a new side of Denny, Addison continues to take a special interest in Alex, and jealous Derek gets verbally demolished by Meredith. Also, don’t miss Emily & Becca’s joy at Izzie being totally petty over Callie’s absolute lack of basic hygiene and basic social skills!

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