3×01 Time Has Come Today

After a short hiatus, Emily & Becca are back to talk about season three, episode one of Grey’s Anatomy (Time Has Come Today). This season marks the height of Grey’s Anatomy’s influence on American pop-culture and they can’t wait to analyze why. Emily & Becca also discuss why this episode was affective at “restarting” Grey’s mania and point out the beginnings of many important character arcs for this season. Izzie spends the whole episode in a uncomfortable-looking position on the bathroom floor, Meredith has her hands full manipulating two men for her affections, Derek seemingly doesn’t give a shit that he just cheated on his wife, George might love Callie “soon-ish,” but probably not, and, in between super intense flashbacks, Addison starts seeing Alex in a new light.

Grey's Anatomy Uncut Logo

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